Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Guide to Perfectly Prepped and Pampered Feet

Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Guide to Perfectly Prepped and Pampered Feet

Most of us wouldn't think of going to a big event without giving plenty of attention on our skin, hair and makeup. Let's be honest, some of us wouldn't think of even leaving the house without investing some serious mirror time into our skin, hair and makeup, right? Yet when it comes to primping and pampering, we often neglect our feet. Maybe you use weather as an excuse (It's winter, who's going to see my feet?"), perhaps you use your jammed schedule as an excuse ("Who has the time for a salon pedicure?") or you just simply forget about your feet your altogether until you're stepping into your favorite strappy sandals before going out and look down in shock at your long-ignored dry feet and callous-covered heels.

The excuses stop here! Freeman Bare Foot, the experts in nature-inspired specialty foot care, have shared the ultimate at-home routine for perfectly prepped feet. Freeman Bare Foot's super-effective and nourishing products are formulated to address the needs of toes, soles, and heels, from dry patches to calluses and cracked skin. The regimen is an indulgence you'll look forward to week after week, and a sensorial experience made even more blissful with spa-inspired fragrances like: Peppermint & Plum, Vanilla & Jasmine, Lime & Coconut, and Marula Oil & Cocoa Butter.

Read on for Freeman Bare Foot's four-step fix: 
Exfoliate, Hydrate, Repair & Repeat.



Exfoliate with Freeman Bare Foot Exfoliating Foot Scrub 2 to 3 times a week. This nourishing foot scrub exfoliates calluses and rough heels and sweeps away dull skin cells, leaving feet soft, smooth and hydrated

Freeman Bare Foot Exfoliating Foot Scrub Peppermint & Plum is enriched with Peppermint Oil and Plum Extract to leave feet feeling invigorated, while Tea Tree Oil helps relax overworked feet.

Freeman Bare Foot Exfoliating Foot Scrub Vanilla & Jasmine exfoliates calluses and rough heels for a quick foot fix that's so soft. Freshly polished skin around the toes, heels and soles drinks up the age-old pampering benefits of Vanilla and Jasmine.

Island-inspired Freeman Bare Foot Exfoliating Foot Scrub Lime & Coconut energizes your feet while exfoliating calluses and rough heels. Lime Extract helps to clean and refresh, while moisturizing Coconut Oil makes feet smooth to the touch.



Hydrate with Freeman Bare Foot Hydrating Foot Lotion or Nourishing Foot Butter for extra nourishment and healing 5 to 7 times a week.

Freeman Bare Foot Hydrating Foot Lotion Peppermint & Plum energizes while hydrating dry skin resulting in smooth, soft feet.

The deeply nourishing blend of Freeman Bare Foot Nourishing Foot Butter Vanilla & Jasmine with Shea Butter conditions feet and leaves skin silky smooth.

Ultra-rich and refreshing Freeman Bare Foot Nourishing Foot Butter Lime & Coconut is boosted with Shea Butter to drench dry skin with deep moisture, while Lime Extract soothes and rejuvenates rough areas.



Repair with Freeman Bare Foot Treatments. Use 2 to 3 times a week to transform dry skin and cracked heels.

Freeman Bare Foot Marula Oil & Cocoa Butter Healing Overnight Foot Treatment conditions and softens feet while you sleep and helps heal dry, calloused skin.

Freeman Bare Foot Neem Oil & Shea Butter Repairing Cracked Heel Foot Treatment uses the skin-loving benefits of these two hero ingredients to repair and nourish severely cracked, rough skin and heels, leaving feet renewed and baby soft.



Repeat weekly for perfectly prepped and pampered feet!


Don't let sandal season catch you by surprise again. Make Freeman Bare Foot's ultra-indulgent at-home routine part of your beauty regimen and your feet will be flaunt-worthy all year round!

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