Patch Testing Guidelines

Patch Testing Guidelines


Patch tests are a simple way to help predict if your skin will have a negative reaction to a new product. You may experience an adverse reaction to a product simply because your skin doesn't like a specific ingredient or doesn't respond well to the way a product is formulated. With skin being so unique, varying from person to person, we always recommend doing a small patch test before using any product for the first time.



(applicable to all types of face masks-leave on, rinse off, peel-off, etc.)

    1. Apply a small amount of product to clean, dry skin on part of the upper forearm
    2. Keep the area dry and wait up to 24 hours
    3. After 24 hours rinse the area clean and pat dry
    4. If any redness/bumps/splotches, itching burning, irritation, or blistering occurs at any point throughout the test you should not use the product.
    5. If your skin doesn't react at all (except to do what the product promises), then you've found your product soulmate!


    Please note, reactions typically occur within 24 hours, but may take up to 72 hours. Patch tests are only used for determining initial skin irritation reactions and do not guarantee the same results when the product is applied to the face & neck or after continued use. If you have a underlying skin condition sensitive skin or are concerned about starting a new product, please consult a dermatologist before use.

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