Mastering Multi-Masking for Healthy-Looking Skin

Mastering Multi-Masking for Healthy-Looking Skin

Unless you've sworn off social media, you've probably heard of multi-masking and seen plenty of colorful selfies with a variety of face masks. But you may not realize that this trend is actually inspired by the techniques professional facialists use to give their clients customized, skin-perfecting results. Now that's an insta-craze we can all get behind, right?

Though it's a fun process, multi-masking is more than just picking out clays and gels in the brightest hues and creating camera-ready designs all over your face. If you want to make the most of multi-masking, you need to know the benefits and how to make it work for your skin concerns and skin type.

Turn to Freeman Beauty, the mask experts since 1976 and creators of Feeling Beautiful, for a crash course in multi-masking and you'll be mixing and matching like a pro!

What is Multi-Masking?

Multi-masking is just as it sounds: the concept of mixing and matching various facial masks in order to target and treat skin concerns unique to different areas of your face. This allows you to give each area of your face the TLC it needs to achieve healthy-looking skin and an overall glowing complexion!

Why Multi-Masking Works

Most of us are challenged with having a variety of skin concerns across different areas of our face and need more than one product to treat our skin. It's unlikely that one product can do the trick. That's why a "one-size-fits-all" mask may be a problem-solver for your dry cheeks but not for your oily T-zone or the blemishes on your chin. Multi-masking is the answer to treat your combination skin.

If you're used to the basic "apply all over and go" method of slathering a single mask on your face, then multi-masking may sound like a complicated process. But, it's actually a simple technique that gives you the benefits of a customized facial at home. In just one masking session, you can treat a range of skin concerns at the same time: hydrate dry areas, calm breakouts, clear pores, exfoliate dulling skin cells, and brighten uneven skin tone.

Multi-Masking for Your Skin Type

Now you know the benefits of multi-masking, but how do you decide which masks to use to meet your skin's needs? Here are our recommendations for mask combinations that target common skincare concerns:


SOLUTION: Masks with Clay absorb oil and clear impurities from the skin without over-drying. Use these masks on problem areas with excess oil or breakouts - usually the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

TARGETED TREATMENT: Choose between these deep-cleaning and purifying masks that reduce shine, balance oil production, treat existing blemishes and help prevent new ones:


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Deep Clearing Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask + Cleanser to instantly deep clean and absorb oil without over-drying. Manuka Honey helps deliver potent healing properties to nourish skin while Tea Tree Oil purifies clogged pores and controls excess oil with its antibacterial properties. This dual-action mask can be used as a cleanser anytime or as a clay mask for your multi-masking routine.


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Oil Absorbing Mint + Lemon Clay Mask to instantly refresh and control breakouts for clear skin.Lemon and Mint refresh the skin and senses while Clay absorbs oils to minimize shine and improve the appearance of large pores. This 10-minute clay mask can be used anytime for your multi-masking routine.



Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub to instantly tone, purify and mattify for a flawless complexion. Kaolin and Bentonite Clays draw oils and dirt from deep within pores, Pumice exfoliates to clear away dull skin cells, and Apple Cider Vinegar tones and boosts radiance. This multi-action formula can be used as a clay mask and scrub anytime for your multi-masking routine.



SOLUTION: Exfoliating masks and scrubs remove dull skin cells and clear the way for moisturizers to soak in. Use these on areas that are dry or dull - usually the cheeks. Brightening masks with ingredients like Vitamin C target uneven tone and dark spots. Use these masks on areas that have hyperpigmentation - usually the cheeks and T- Zone.

TARGETED TREATMENT: Choose between these exfoliating and brightening masks to smooth, brighten and illuminate:



Freeman Feeling Beautiful Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub instantly detoxes pores and exfoliates for smooth skin. Activated Charcoal purifies and absorbs oil and dirt without over-drying while Black Sugar sweeps away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity. This dual-action mask can be used as a scrub anytime or as a gel mask for your multi-masking routine.




Freeman Feeling Beautiful Brightening Green Tea + Orange Blossom Peel-Off Gel Mask instantly refines pores and helps improve dark spots for radiant skin. This antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Orange Blossom and skin-loving Vitamin C brightens uneven skin tone and lessens the appearance of dark spots for a more even, glowing complexion. This easy-to-peel mask can be used anytime for your multi-masking routine.


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Exfoliating Diamond Mineral Clay Mask + Scrub instantly illuminates and gently polishes for radiant skin. Diamond Dust polishes away dull skin cells to reveal multi-faceted radiance while Sparkleberry clarifies skin for a lasting, glowing finish. This 10-minute mask can be used as a scrub anytime or as a clay mask for your multi-masking routine.




SOLUTION: Masks with Clay purge pores of dirt and oil and tighten them to help reduce their appearance for a smoother surface. Antioxidants help to revitalize skin while exfoliating ingredients help clear out debris. Use these masks anywhere that visible pores are a concern, including the nose, cheeks and chin.

TARGETED TREATMENT: Choose between these clearing and pore-refining masks:



Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Clay Mask instantly removes impurities and tones for radiant skin. Clay clears pores and absorbs excess oil, antioxidant-rich Tea protects skin from damaging free radicals, and Lemon helps lighten dark spots for a radiant complexion. This easy-to-peel mask can be used anytime for your multi-masking routine.


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Revitalizing Pomegranate Peel-Off Gel Mask instantly purifies and refines pores for youthful skin. An 8-antioxidant blend of Pomegranate, Acai, Goji, Mango, Mangosteen, Cranberry, Noni and Blueberry guard against free radicals and environmental stress, clears dirt and excess oil from clogged pores for a cleaner, revitalized complexion. This easy-to-peel mask can be used anytime for your multi-masking routine.


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay Mask instantly detoxes and clears pores for renewed skin. This clay mask delivers a spa-inspired detox treatment to stressed skin. Clay purifies and clears oil and toxins from pores while Cucumber and Himalayan Pink Salt exfoliate, detox, and clear skin. This 10-minute clay mask can be used anytime for your multi-masking routine.



How To Apply 

Apply selected face masks to the targeted areas on your dry, clean face avoiding contact with eyes. Use your clean fingers or a masking brush. Leave on for 10 minutes or until dry. For peel-off masks, gently peel off from outer edges. Rinse with warm water. For clays, gels, and scrubs add warm water, then rinse. Use twice a week or as often as needed.

So now that you know the simple techniques of multi-masking, what are you waiting for? Have fun! Map out your multi-masking design, gather your Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful mask picks, and get ready for your selfie! You will heart multi-masking and its multi-benefits!

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