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Travel often comes with many perks, but it can have its own challenges, too. We may not be able to help with flight delays or iced-over roads, but Freeman Beauty has glam-to-go solutions that keep you looking your best no matter where your day or journey takes you. Whether you’re headed on an overnight road trip, a cross-country vacation with multiple flights (and airport security checks!), or a trip to the gym, traveling light is traveling smart. Taking your full-sized beauty must-haves along for the ride not only weighs you down – literally – but many of the tubes, bottles and jars aren’t approved for air travel. The answer is to pack perfectly portable, ultra-effective beauty products that fit into even the smallest bag or carry-on for beauty on-the-go. Read on for our favorite travel-ready essentials from Freeman Beauty.


Between the dehydration, climate changes, recycled air, pollutants, and fatigue, your skin is an easy target for trouble. Combat these stressors with Freeman Beauty’s spa-inspired facial masks, housed in innovative, single-use sheet masks, pods, and sachets. Put these on your beauty on-the-go playlist for fresh, glowing skin:


Boost purity, restore balance, and clear pores

with the deep CLEANSING benefits of Freeman Beauty Infusion Cleansing Charcoal + Probiotics (available in sheet mask, pod, and sachet). Activated Charcoal clears pores and draws out oils and toxins without over-drying, while Probiotics balance skin for a fresh, clear complexion.

Boost radiance, increase resiliency, and refine pores of travel-weary skin

with the REVITALIZING effects of Freeman Beauty Infusion Pomegranate + Peptides (available in sheet mask, pod, and sachet). A powerhouse blend of antioxidants with Pomegranate that tones while Peptides plump for radiant glowing skin.

DETOX pores, exfoliate and smooth skin

with Freeman Feeling Beautiful Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub sachet. This dual-action mask and scrub with Activated Charcoal purifies and absorbs oil and dirt without over-drying, while Black Sugar sweeps away dull skin cells for soft, clear skin that can breathe again.

PURIFY, deep clean and nourish skin

with the award-winning Freeman Feeling Beautiful Purifying Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask sachet. Rich Clays dive deep to purge dirt and oil from pores. Avocado, Oatmeal and Vitamin E help moisturize for lasting skin softness.

DE-STRESS exhausted skin

with Freeman Feeling Beautiful Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask sachet that instantly clears pores and balances for renewed skin. This nutrient-rich mask takes you on a much needed escape. Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts help replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores. Lavender and Bergamot help put skin in a bliss-like state and rinse away stress for smooth, radiant skin.


The same travel turmoil – like temperature and humidity changes, recycled air and long hours between hotel showers — that steals your skin’s glow also takes a toll on your tresses.

When your regular shampoo and conditioning routine isn’t an option, a travel-friendly size of Psssst!® the TRUE original dry shampoo is your multi-tasking hair hero.

Why It’s A Must-Pack:

Psssst!® the TRUE original dry shampoo instantly transforms hair from dirty and flat to refreshed and revived, without water. Super convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

• Fast and simple to use – just spray evenly on your scalp and roots; wait a few minutes for the product to soak up excess oil, sweat, and product build-up; then brush it out. Your hair will look, feel and smell like it was just shampooed!

• Psssst!® lightens your beauty load – there’s no need to lug around shampoo, conditioner, hair products and a blow dryer!

• Psssst!® goes beyond disguising oily roots and boosts volume in travel-tired hair, and adds texture and grip so styles like buns, braids, and updos will stay in place through planes, trains and automobiles.

• Choose between mood-lifting fragrances – the classically cool and fresh “Original” scent or the “Tropical” scent that brings paradise wherever you go.

• With all the air pollutants and grime you pick up while traveling, you can rest assured you’re not adding more to your hair with Psssst!® – it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism), triclosan, and is talc-free.

Happy travels from Freeman Beauty! Pack these mini must-haves for five-star skin and hair, and you’ll always arrive in style no matter how long you’ve been away from home.

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